National Falconry School

Falconry, Ferrets, Owls and Other Animal Experiences

Activity Days and Courses

Activity Days

Hawk Walk

This is a one hour basic introduction to hawks (and owls), and is perfect for those who are fascinated by these birds, and want to experience them at first hand. Enjoy for yourself the thrill and excitement of flying a hawk in the glorious Derbyshire countryside. Before the walk begins, you will be given basic instructions on how to handle and fly a hawk. You will enjoy the wonderful experience of walking with owls and birds of prey flying free around, above and to you. The memories of the day will be with you for the rest of your life.

£75 per person with one child free per adult
Family – (2 x adults plus 2 x children) - £140

Hawk Encounter - Full-Day or Half-Day

(Full day – 4 Hours; Half day – 2 Hours)

If you want to find out a little more about this ancient country sport, and experience the thrill of hawks and owls flying directly to you and landing on your fist, this is the course for you.  This experience is perfect as a gift for a friend or loved one.

£110/£55* per person per half-day,
£175/£90* per person per full day (*Under 16s)


Owl Course - One Or Two Day

Specifically designed for those people wishing to learn how to care for and fly owls, this course covers all aspects of the many species of owl kept in the UK today, from the diminutive barn owl (Tyto alba) to the gigantic Verreaux’s eagle owl (Bubo lacteus). All participants get a course handbook plus a certificate.

£175/£90* per person per day. (*Under 16s)

Falconry Taster Course - One Day

(5 Hours)

This course is designed for those who are considering the acquisition of a bird of prey, but want to find out more about the subject before making the commitment to the sport.  The principles taught are applicable to all raptors (birds of prey and owls).  All participants receive a handbook and a certificate.

£195/£99* per person. (*Under 16s)

Five & Ten Day Falconry Training Courses

Designed for those who are really serious about owning and flying a raptor, this course covers everything you will need to know, and is very much a "hands-on" course, with lots of practical sessions. All participants are given a comprehensive course handbook and on successful completion of the course, candidates will be given a certificate.

£175 per person, per day.

Specialist Days

Rabbit Hawking Days

Hawks, ferrets and our team of English Springer spaniels all come together on this course to show what real team work is all about. The dogs find the occupied warrens and then the ferrets flush the rabbits for the hawks to catch.

£175/£90* per person per day. (*Under 16s)

Birthday Parties And Celebrations

For your special day, why not visit us at the National Falconry School, or even have us visit you. We can supply entertainment and a never-to-be-forgotten experience to mark your special day. For children, we offer our famous and unique OWL PARTIES.

Each party is different, and so is our service. As well as the birds, you can choose to have us supply food and drink, other entertainment and even gifts for your guests, and all in a very intimate, friendly and exclusive atmosphere.

Please contact us for details and costs of this unique party solution.


Minimum age for ALL events is 8 years, and children under 16 must be accompanied by a fee-paying adult

*Fee reduction is for children accompanied by a full fee paying adult; one child per adult only. Minimum age for ALL events (except parties) is 8 years, and children under 16 must be accompanied by a fee-paying adult.

We are happy to exchange vouchers for different "courses" of the same value, or to allow "upgrading" from ½ day to full day on payment of the difference in price

Due to the nature of our service, non-fee paying guests are not allowed.

Full day courses normally start at 1100, and finish at 1600; morning ½ day courses start at 1100 and finish at 1330, and afternoon ½ day course start at 1400 and finish at 1630.

All prices quoted are correct at the time of publication, but we reserve the right to alter terms, conditions and prices without notice.